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WeddingFlix is Australia’s most trusted and awarded wedding services brand, specialising in wedding photography, videography, editing & production services, digital hosting services, wedding websites, Aerial Drone photography & videography and film it yourself solutions.

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One of our latest films
Laura & Sean – September 9, 2017



As Australia’s largest wedding services provider, we offer our couples a wide range of quality choices when it comes to their wedding photography & videography.  We are not a franchised studio and we don’t utilise the services of weekend enthusiasts, contractors or freelancers. Every member of our 165+ team is fully employed and trained by us and have to have some formal training in their field and extensive experience in LIVE events. It’s our WeddingFlix quality guarantee.

  • Film It Yourself Services:
    It’s the new, fun and totally you, way to create a truly awesome wedding film that you and your friends will watch over and over again.
    We send you the cameras. You, your family & friends film your day and we’ll handle all the production. So easy.
    Pricing starts from $649 for our 3 camera iPod Touch packages and $849 for our Sony Cam packages.
    Contact us for further details:  info@weddingflix.com.au
  • Professional Videography Services:
    We’ve re-invented wedding videography. No more posed or staged traditional films that drag on for hours.
    Prices start from just $1580 (or $95 per hour) for our base package and this includes all your production and complete footage from the day.
    We’d love to hear about your wedding day plans. info@weddingflix.com.au
  • Boutique Videography Services:
    Our boutique wedding films are regarded as some of the best in the world, exclusively filmed and edited by our Directors, who have worked for some of the biggest film and production companies in the world. Prices for our boutique packages range between $6490 + $10,000 and availability is limited. The films we create are modern, story-driven and focus on the personality of you and the celebrations of your day. Many of our couples love these films so much that they request us to create our longer feature films.
  • Photography:
    Our photography services are our new addition to the WeddigFlix stable. For a number of years we’ve only concentrated on amazing videography, but 12 months ago we decided to offer a premium range of photography services. A decision brought about by working with so many photographers who were clearly not professional and quite frankly spoilt the experience for the couples as well as the family and friends. Again, be careful shopping on price. The photos may look fantastic, but what lenses do they use? How do they work on the day? Every week, we work with photographers who stand in the middle of the aisle between the couple and their guests. Or walk constantly, backwards and forwards in front of the couple. When are photographers going to understand that they are not the centre of attention? It’s not their wedding. The guests didn’t come to watch their back.
    It also ruins the couples video. So, we decided to create our own photography gurus. They will NEVER stand in the middle of the aisle and never be in the middle of your video. They will have to appropriate training to capture your day naturally and not rely on photoshop to correct their work.
    Prices start from $2990.
  • Wedding Websites:
    Everything is done online now and we currently host around 9000 wedding websites for our couples. Forget the hours of setting one up youself, although they tell you it will only take an hour, each of our sites is created and maintained by one of our web experts and can contain, gift registries, invitations, photo’s, video’s or anything you dream of. Pricing starts from just $11.95 per month with a 30 day FREE trial.

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