Expressions of Love and Joy

A Speeches & Bridal Waltz Spotlight Edit focuses specifically on capturing and documenting the Speeches & Bridal Waltz that take place during your wedding reception. We focus on the Speeches given by the couple, their families, and other important guests while filming the whole formality in full.

Every Bridal Waltz is unique and fun, we capture the essence of all couples no matter what you decide to do if it’s a nice intimate sway or a full choreographed dance you have been practising for months, we make sure that we capture all the angles and synch it to the music you have selected.


All our Speeches and Bridal Waltz Spotlight Films are edited from one main camera and synched to the audio from our stand-alone recorders and/or lapel mics.


Our Speeches are synched to the audio files captured, while our Bridal Waltz is synched to the song used during your dance. If you have a specific recording of the song/s used during your First Dance that you would like edited together, you can add the details on your Production Questionnaire added to your Client Portal. 


All our Raw Footage & Films are delivered via Digital Download plus we include a 1 Year Hosting plus Backup of all mastered copies.  


Our Speeches & Bridal Waltz Spotlight Films provides a comprehensive and focused documentation of the Speeches & Bridal Waltz that occur during the wedding reception. It allows the couple to relive the natural moments, heartfelt words, and emotional connections shared during these parts of their special day. The Videographer & Editor may include close-ups of the speakers, audience reactions, and moments of significance to make an engaging film. These Spotlights are a shorter version and do not include all the formalities during your Reception. You may consider a Documentary and/or Creative Film that will feature all the formalities at your Reception such as Couples Entrance, Cutting of the Cake, Bouquet Toss etc. 

Some aspects of each Speeches & Bridal Waltz Spotlight may differ on the following: 

  • Different number of Speeches done during your Reception.
  • Music chosen for your Bridal Waltz & length. 
  • Each wedding’s unique style. Lighting during your Reception and audio equipment provided by the venue and/or DJ. 

We certify and manage all of our Videographers & Editors to make sure that every one of our shoots and films is created in the same, consistent style and lives up to our standard and quality that we are reknown for.

Morgan & Chris

“We had nothing to worry about before our wedding! The team at WeddingFlix made it really clear that they cared about what we wanted and we’re always quick with a response to any questions we had. The whole process was simple and easy and our WeddingFlix planner arranged our whole shoot. I love love love the photos. Just what we wanted. “


“WeddingFlix were amazing on our wedding day. We were able to customise our quote and our whole shoot was planned for us. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. Our Photographer was fantastic and nothing was too much trouble. After the day, we got all our RAW images and were able to pick the photos we wanted to be edited. “


 “Wow, our films are amazing!
Nothing was a problem for our videographer and I really liked that everything was planned for us. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. The week following our wedding we received our RAW footage, that we were able to edit ourselves and make awesome clips for our socials, and our Highlight film exceeded our expectations. It is amazing! “

What Will Be Included In My Spotlight Edit?

Our Speeches and Bridal Waltz Spotlight Film includes those formalities in full. If you would like to add other extra formalities, you may consider the Documentary and/or Creative Film.

How Do You Film A Speech?

When filming a Speech, they are best to be done at either a lectern or spot where the speaker does not need to move a lot. During a Speech, we have audio either connected to the venues speaker system or place a lapel mic on the microphone to pick up the best audio. If a Speaker is not at an allocated area during their Speech, we cannot guarantee the right footage or audio to be captured.

Should I Inform My Team Before Starting Our Formalities?

Yes!  That’s a great idea, even though we add times in our schedule some may not start at the exact time. Always let your WeddingFlix team know prior to starting each Speech & Bridal Waltz, so they can be prepared and capture them in full.

How Many Speeches Are Included In My Spotlight Film?

Our Spotlight Edit usually includes speeches from the bride and groom, as well as speeches from their parents, best man, maid of honor, and other close friends or family members. The videographer aims to capture clear audio of the speeches and visually captures the reactions and emotions of the couple and the audience.

What's The Best Way To Capture My Bridal Waltz?

Every married couple does something special for First Dance highlighting their joy and connection. Our Videographers use appropriate camera angles and always film with a main camera with a wide lens to capture it’s entirety. We’ll always synch your Bridal Waltz song to the edit or if you have a special mix of your Bridal song, feel free to let our editors know. 

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Yes. Our policy is provided by GIO, covering our gear, your team, and you as the couple. Every Photographer and Videographer is required to carry public liability insurance and we’re more than happy to provide the info to you and/or your venue if required.




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