We understand that every couple is unique, every wedding different, and a generic package is not always the best fit.

We’re the only company in Brisbane that employs and certifies every member of our team, ensuring you always get a qualified & experienced member of our team and not a Freelancer or contractor. The option to choose which photos you would like edited and all our videos are filmed, edited and delivered in 4K ensuring the highest quality. Best of all, all our Photos and Videos are professionally edited by our world-class editing team and available by secure Digital Download via our own servers within 10 business days.

Creating beautiful wedding photos and films is only part of the WeddingFlix Experience. From the time you enquire till the time you get your final product, your project will be overseen by our amazing Customer Service Team, and you’ll get FREE access to one of our WeddingFlix Planners who will contact you 4-6 weeks out from your wedding to plan your entire shoot for you.

The Essentials

Capture every moment of your wedding Day – beautifully!


For couples seeking timeless memories, our Essentials Packages are your gateway to an unforgettable wedding experience. 

Worried about the details? Leave the logistics to us! Our WeddingFlix Planners take the stress out of organising your shoot, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your wedding preparation.

Your story matters, which is why we put you in control. With our Wedding Photography packages, we’ll have all the images from your day available to you the Monday following your wedding, where you can select your favourites for us to edit or leave it to us. All our Wedding Videography packages allow for you to pick your music, and you are welcome to have as much input into the editing process as you like, and we include free rounds of editing changes so you are 100% happy with your film.

Don’t pay for express or priority editing. Once we’ve covered your wedding, your photos and films are professionally edited by our in-house production team and made available to you within 10 business days. We have Australia’s fastest turnaround times and it’s completely FREE.

Join countless happy couples who’ve trusted us for their wedding memories. Let’s make your journey remarkable together. Book now and experience Australia’s fastest turnaround times!


When you book Photography and Videography together, we’ll include a beautiful 11×11″ linen cover Album worth $795.

Wedding Photography & Videography Customised


When you book with us, you’ll never have to pay for options that you don’t want and/or need.





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$50 – $100


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$10 – $80

Brow and Lash Services

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$10 – $150

Makeup Application

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$50 – $150

Skin Analysis and Consultation

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$50 – $100

Chemical Peels

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$80 – $200

Nail Services

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$20 – $80

Body Treatments

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$80 – $150


We’d love to cover your wedding day celebrations!
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