” Our WeddingFlix team was amazing to work with! Every important moment of our wedding was covered, our package was great value for money, and our gallery was ready for us to view within 10 days. Amazing!”

Capture Every moment – perfectly


At WeddingFlix Brisbane we describe our award-winning style as REAL, just like our couples. Sometimes our photos and films are warm and honest, sometimes big and loud, sometimes quiet and tender, but always a reflection of the two people at the centre of it all. YOU!

No matter the location of your wedding or the size of your guest list, we’ll capture it all beautifully. Every glance, every kiss, the look on the groom’s face as you walk down the aisle, your first kiss, your first dance, and every candid moment in between.

We’re regarded as the Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Brisbane for a reason. Every member of our team is trained and fully employed by us, carries the necessary expertise and equipment to capture every moment of your wedding day perfectly, and we’ve always got a team of the same standard on standby just in case of emergencies. It’s complete peace of mind.

Our customer service team will be your point of contact from the time you make your enquiry till after you receive your completed Photos and Films. If you need anything at all, we’re just a call or click away. You’ll always get the option to select which photos you would like edited, choose the music and make adjustments to use in your Highlight Film so it’s 100% you – and everything we create is professionally edited and available for digital download within 10 business days.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we’re here to make sure it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Creating a Wedding Photography and Videography memory that’s all about you, is what we do better than any other company.

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Wedding Photography and Videography capturing every moment of your love story


Wedding Photography is much more than just taking a beautiful image. It’s knowing how to capture the RAW essence and the intention behind the image. We’re all about capturing the candid, teasing, fun and real love that you have, all while keeping it real. Nobody likes to pose for the camera. Simply be exactly who you are and we’ll do the rest.  


We specialise in capturing every moment of your wedding day celebrations and crafting your personal and unique wedding day story. 
Every one of our packages includes three (3) beautiful fully edited films. A full-length Ceremony Film, A speeches and Formalities film, plus a beautifully crafted Cinematic Highlight Film, all available within 10  days.


So you just got engaged? Firstly, congratulations! It’s an exciting time and we know how to capture every exciting moment. We offer engagement photography and film sessions to capture the beginning of this new chapter in your relationship and provide a beautiful set of images to announce to the world your exciting news.



“So happy with our Photos & Films. Our team were so easy to work with and made us feel comfortable, they gave us direction, so we didn’t feel awkward.  Can’t believe the fast turnaround and quality. Thank you again for making our day so perfect.”


“Organizing our wedding wasn’t easy. Not only did WeddingFlix Studios match the right Photographer for our day but they also helped me prepare a schedule for what we would expect on the day. We couldn’t ask for more, so happy with the service. Recommended.”


“I would highly recommend WeddingFlix Studios. We were able to customise our coverage with both Videography and Photography and made it easier for us to capture what we wanted on the day. Absolutely LOVE “

Alison & SIMON

I just wanted to touch base to let you know how fantastic Minh our Photographer was! Everything was organised with a WeddingFlix planner before our day and Minh just knew what we wanted and was a true professional. Our photos are amazing and something we will look back on for years to come.


Capturing RAW and Authentic Moments

Wedding Photography and Videography

We’ve got your perfect Wedding Photographer!

We describe our style as REAL, just like our couples. Sometimes our photos are warm and honest, sometimes big and loud, sometimes quiet and tender, but always a reflection of the two people at the centre of it all YOU!

We believe that every wedding is different, every couple unique, and when you book with us you’ll only pay for what you want and need. You simply start with your ‘Essentials’ and go from there.

For some of our couples getting ready is super important. Maybe they’re having a first look, maybe the moment the father of the bride first sees her walk out of the room in her dress and bursts into tears is important. Maybe you’re less about ‘the getting ready’ and all about the dance floor.

No matter what is important to you, we’ll match you with your perfect WeddingFlix photographer who will capture every moment beautifully, without the need to pose or feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.


Wedding Photography & Videography PACKAGES

We’ve made booking your wedding Photography and Videography quick, easy, and super affordable. Choose from one of our value-for-money ‘Essential Packages’ and add your options to create your perfect Photography and Videography package.


Capturing Candid, Unique Moments that are Truly Yours

At WeddingFlix, we’re renowned for creating Australia’s Best Wedding Films.

Our Wedding Videography packages are great value for money and include all the essentials you need for an amazing wedding day memory. Every package includes a Full-Length Ceremony Film, plus a Speeches and Formalities Film, both fully edited and available to you within 3-5 business days. 

Your package will also include a stunning handcrafted One-Of-A-Kind Cinematic Highlight Film (you can choose your own music and we include 2 Free edit revisions so you’ll get a film that you’re guaranteed to love.

As with any wedding film, the real magic of wedding videography happens with our editors, and we create some of the best wedding films in Australia. Our team of Editors will create a Highlight Film that tells your unique wedding story perfectly and have it available to view and share with your family & friends from just 10 business days. 

Wedding Videography


We’re thrilled at the opportunity to cover your wedding day celebrations.
If you would like to know more about our packages, have a chat with one of our WeddingFlix specialists, or download
our pricing, please fill in your details below and we’ll be in contact as quickly as possible. 




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